Call on Dell Support Number to Solve Wi-Fi issues with Your Dell XPS 13!

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Wi-Fi is very important to connect your device, computer or laptop to an internet connection wirelessly. But various times users complain that they are having Wi-Fi issues in their Dell XPS 13 laptop. As Dell provides the best quality services to its users but some technical problems occur due to some system settings, errors and the main reasons of the issues are generally that users do not update the programs and drivers which they are required to do so. Because when the company launches any updates it is due to some bug effect or something else which the engineers think that they are necessary and when customers decide not to update the Drivers, software and BIOS system of their laptop they are likely to get stuck in Wi-Fi issues and spooler issues in dell printer in window 10. So, If you are also facing this Wi-Fi issue in your XPS laptop which you are not able to deal with even after updating the software and drivers then you would require changing the wireless card which will take hardly 10 minutes or if you want to save the hassle call to experts via Dell help number toll-free without any hesitation otherwise you can also follow the steps provided by the experts to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi issues.

Steps to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues with your Dell XPS 13

  • Firstly make sure that the BIOS system of your Laptop is updated.
  • All the software and system drivers and Wi-Fi drivers are updated.
  • If not, then update them to their latest version so that no compatibility errors can be faced.
  • If you still face the problem then the only option which is left is the replacement of the wire card on your device. Follow the below mentioned steps to replace it.
  • To do so, you are required to shut down your laptop and close it properly and after closing it flip it over.
  • Now you have to unscrew the eight edge screws with the help of Torx screwdriver.
  • Make sure that you only unscrew one screw which is beneath the Magnetic system badge.
  • After that, you have to now open the cover of the base of XPS 13with the Plastic scribe which starts at the back corner near the hinge.
  • Now you ate required to remove the base cover.
  • You have to unscrew the screw and also make sure that it is securing the wireless card which has been braced to the motherboard.
  • Now take the card out and disconnect the connection from the card.
  • You have to now slide the new card into the blanked slot.
  • Now connect the connections with the card and replace the card brace and fasten all the screws.
  • If you have any problem and you want Dell technical support for the replacement or any updated help is required then contact our experts.

Ring to experts via Dell support number toll-free

If you are still not able to solve the Wi-Fi issues then you should connect with the experts through Dell support number toll-free.