Call on Dropbox Support Number to Add Licenses in Dropbox Business

Dropbox has provided the extra storage which companies might need if they work on the big data and other things. There are millions of files which need to be stored and shared. It becomes very difficult to store the millions of files and data on a computer as it will affect the performance of the computer. In such cases, users are required to buy an extra storage and Dropbox offers the users the cloud storage to its users up to 2TB. Due to the cloud storage, the employees can easily share the files among them. If you work in a company then you would be having Dropbox Business version for the smooth working.

But users can share files within the group which they have created of licenses, you have to add the licenses to the Business version of the product so that everyone can work and share the files without any problem. So if you want to add more users to your team and you have run out of licenses then don’t worry you can add licenses to the business version of your product. If you face any problem while adding licenses to your admin console then take help from the experts by calling on Dropbox Support Number toll-free if you are not able to handle the situation and getting some technical issues while doing so. On the other hand, if you want to handle this situation manually and want to add the licenses manually then follow the below steps provided by our experts.

Steps to add the licenses to your Dropbox Business          

  • Restart your system and start the windows with the administrative rights.
  • Make sure you are not using multiple applications on your computer.
  • Browse through the official website of Dropbox and then you have to sign into your account with the correct credentials.
  • After signing in, you have to navigate to “admin console”.
  • Then in the “admin console,” you are required to select the “billing” tab.
  • After this, you have to click on “manage plan”.
  • Now go to “manage licenses”.
  • When you go under this sector, you will see the number of licenses which you have already added, and then you are just required to change the number of licenses and change it according to your requirement. And when you add the license, you will able to see the price of the license.
  • After adjusting the numbers of licenses click on “add license” and if you want to remove the licenses click on “remove licenses.”
  • If you face any difficulty while signing in to your account then take Dropbox Technical Support from experts.

Get immediate support from experts by dialing Dropbox help number

If you face any difficulty while adding the licenses to your business version then contact the technical experts via Dropbox Help Number toll-free for immediate support as we are available 24*7.