How can Users Update TomTom GPS Using TomTom Home?

Tomtom GPS update

It has driven the market of GPS devices by providing the best features in its gadgets which have created the revolution in the market.  The voyage has become really easier due to these navigation devices. As with the invention of navigation gadgets, people are not lost while searching for the direction and the correct routes for the new destinations.

So, for safer travel and to get live traffic details and correct routes and directions users should get TomTom GPS devices and if you already have it then the company releases new updates and features for the existing customers so that the device works smoothly without any bug and customer gets the latest features in their gadget. So if you get any problem while you try to update your navigation devices and you are not able to do it without any help or you want to get help to update Tomtom Go Basic software using my drive connect then you can get help from the experts through TomTom GPS update number toll-free and you will get the best support from our experienced technicians.

Otherwise, you can also follow the steps to do it by yourself by following some simple and crisp steps which are provided below by our experts.

Steps to Update TomTom GPS using TomTom Home

  • Firstly, clear all the applications which are running on your computer in the background.
  • Make sure that you have a stable and good internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Ensure that you have TomTom Home application installed in your system.  
  • If you haven’t installed then you can download it through the official website by signing in to your official account.  
  • After that, you have to connect your GPS gadget to your computer using a USB cable after turning the device off.
  • Use the USB cable which came with the device that is the original cable.
  • Turn your navigation gadget on and then you have to wait for the TomTom Home application to launch after it automatically recognizes your gadget.
  • Go to the “home screen” of the launched application and click on “Update My Device”.
  • If the window shows an update is available then click on “Download Updates” and the application will start downloading the updates in your device.
  • Click on “done” when the application notifies you that the update has been completed.
  • Go to “device” and then you have to click on “disconnect Device” on your “Home screen”.
  • After disconnecting your device start your device as your device is updated now.
  • If you face any problem while installing TomTom Home application or if the application does not recognize your gadget then you should take support from TomTom map update

Connect with TomTom GPS update team for the immense support

If you still face problems while updating your device and even after following the steps your device haven’t updated then you should contact the experts via TomTom GPS update number toll-free as we are there are our customers 24X7.