How can You Reset the Password of HP Laptops Without Any Difficulty?

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It becomes very difficult to access your laptop if you have forgotten the password of your HP laptop. The passwords are set up for the security purpose and hence they can’t be taken for granted. To regain the access of your laptop you have to reset your password successfully otherwise you will risk losing your data. Especially if users have set up the power on password then it is important you reset the password. And if you are unable to login to your windows and also unable to reset the password then you should take help from the technical experts through HP Tech Support number toll-free and you will get support from our experts without any delay. If you want to do it by yourself then you can also follow the troubleshooting steps which are provided below by our experts.

Steps to Reset HP laptop Password

  • Firstly, you have to press and hold the button for at least 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Now you have to press F8 button before your laptop boots into an operating system.
  • Click on “advanced menu” and then go to “admin account” and tap on “safe mode” with the help of arrow keys.
  • To reset the password, go to the “control panel” through the “start” button and then click on “user’s account”.
  • Now select the type of the account and then choose the option “chose password” and follow the instructions which are provided by the wizard.
  • Once you have again set the password for the BIOS configuration utility you can enter to unlock your windows.
  • Otherwise turn your HP computer on and before the windows get started you have to press F2 button so that you can access HP BIOS screen where you will need to enter the password which you have just in the above steps.
  • In the asked field of password you have type “Merlin” without any quotes and then hit the button “enter” to recover your password of the windows.
  • If by any chance you are not able to enter the BIOS screen or you face any technical issue such as your device is not turning off or is not able to boot into an operating system then you can get in touch with the experts through HP Tech Support number toll-free.

For HP Support dial our toll-free number immediately

Still facing issues while recovering the password and resetting it? Then in such circumstances, you should take help from the technical experts through HP Support Number toll-free to get the best support possible for your problems. We provide support without any delay to our customers in just one call as our technicians are available 24X7 for the service for the service of the users and we deal with the problem through the root making sure you do not encounter the problem again. We also give support to our non-techie users.