How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Error in Dell Computers?


Dell has provided the latest technology and has contributed very well to the advancement of technology by providing the best computers, laptops, and printers. However, due to technical errors and issues, there are some situations where users get stuck and they are not able to work properly on their system. As Dell is also a technical product and all the technical products are prone to the failures hence due to system errors and issues it also faces some issues from which users get really annoyed.
The most annoying error is the Blue Screen of Death in the Dell computers which is, of course, a fatal error indicating that the operating system is no more able to work properly on the system and is not able to boot the PC safely. This is also indicated if you get the “stop code” and this also signifies the BSOD error. So if you are also facing this issue then you should get in touch with the Dell Customer Support team immediately to solve the issue quickly and if you want to solve it manually then follow the steps provided by our experts.

Steps to follow to solve Blue Screen of Death error in Dell computers

Step 1: It is possible that you have made some changes in your computer such as installed some program or some new hardware or you have updated some driver, to which the system is not compatible with and hence you are facing this error.


Step 2: You can solve this by undoing the changes you have made on your device.

Step 3: So undo recent changes in the registry and driver changes.

Step 4: You can do it through “system restore” and undo the driver’s update.

Step 5: You also have to see if there is enough space in your system so that the applications and software can function properly otherwise it can cause this issue and will also corrupt your data and files.

Step 6: Set the BIOS settings as the Default as the misconfigured BIOS settings can cause the issue.

Step 7: If you are still encountering this then you have to reset all the internal data, power cables, memory modules, and any expansion cards which are available in the system.

Step 8: Also test your computer for the memory and ensure that you have the latest and updated BIOS system so that customers do not get stuck in this situation.

If you are not able to update the BIOS of your system and you are encountering issues doing so then call to experts to get Dell Tech Support.

For quick support dial Dell support number toll-free.

Is this issue still persisting in your system? Then you should get in touch with the experts through Dell Support Number toll-free to get the immediate support from the skilled experts as we are available 24X7 for the service of the users.