How to Fix Canon Pixma 6502 Service Error via Canon Printer Support

There are many causes of an error and it is necessary that users hold the knowledge of a certain error which they are encountering as it becomes easier to troubleshoot the technical issue if you know the reason behind it.
Similarly, the Canon Pixma 6502 Service Error which users see in their printer can be solved with some simple steps, if carried out properly. If users do not know that this error is occurring because their control panel screen is not reflecting anything then they should get a hint from the orange and green lights which will blink 19 times continuously and if the green and orange blinks for 19 times then it is confirmed that you are facing Canon Pixma 6502 Service Error. As it is a service error you can only perform troubleshooting steps to solve the problem and if this error occurs your printer will not get started and you will not be able to print any document unless and until you solve this error. One reason that can lead to this can be that some outside objects have been stuck in the printer and your printer is not clean. So if you are also in the similar situation and you are not able to solve the problem then you should get in touch with the experts to get Canon Printer Support, on the other hand, if you want to solve this problem manually then you can follow the steps provided below by our experts.

Steps to fix Canon Pixma 6502 Service Error

Step 1:  Firstly turn your system off and then you are required to turn off the printer.

Step 2: After turning it off, you have to disconnect the power cable from the switch and also disconnect it from your computer.


Step 3: Now you have to open the printer cover.

Step 4: After opening the cover, you are required to check for any orange colored protective tape or white polystyrene in the printer and if it is jamming the carriage path or creating an issue with the cartridge then you have to remove the extra tape significantly.

Step 5: Also, the main reason of this error is the invasion of the foreign objects in the printer, so you have to check if there is any paper clip or any outside material is there, and if it is, then remove it properly.

Step 6: Now close the lid of the printer and connect the printer to the power and your computer. If you have any problem while removing any foreign objects then take Canon Support from experts.

Get immediate support through Canon support number

If you are still facing this issue then you should connect with the technicians who have expertise in solving these kinds of errors. So you can get in touch with our experts through Canon Support Number toll-free to get the best solution for your problem that too without any delay.