How to Fix Dropbox Won’t Install Error on Windows or Mac?

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One of the best applications which provide the cloud storage to the customers is the Dropbox but various times users face issues in their applications and numerous times they have purchased the subscription of the cloud storage but they are unable to download and install it in their system and the face error which the system displays as “Dropbox won’t install error” in Mac and windows. This can be due to various reasons including internet connection problem. If you also face this error and you are not able to download the application on your windows or Mac then you should take Dropbox technical support from the experts who are available 24X7 for your service without any hesitation or if you want to create your own Dropbox paper template. On the other hand, if you want to solve this error manually then you should follow the troubleshooting steps provided by our experts.

Causes of this error

  • You haven’t downloaded the installer properly and correctly.
  • You do not have a stable internet connection, or your connection was interrupted.
  • Some antivirus program or the firewall of the system has blocked the installation of the application.
  • Lastly, your system does not fulfill all system requirements for the download of the application.

Steps to solve Dropbox won’t install error on Windows or Mac

Step 1: To solve the issue, you have to re-download the Dropbox installer and then retry the installation of the program.  

Step 2: After the reinstallation, if you still encounter this error then you should download the “offline installer” and then again retry the installation process with the help of offline installer.

Step 3: Restart the computer and if you see this error then you have to temporarily disable the antivirus software which is already installed in your system because it is possible that it is creating some compatibility issues with the program.

Step 4: Also verify that your device in which you are installing the product is fulfilling the minimum system requirement to download and install the Dropbox.

Step 5: Also make sure that you have a stable internet connection or you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.  

Step 6: Make sure that you do not have network issues, such as the firewall of the system is not creating any error with the installation process or blocking the process plus if it is, then you have to manually configure the firewall.

Step 7: It is also possible that a proxy server is preventing the secure connection so make sure that you haven’t put a proxy on the particular software from your IP address.

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If you are still encountering this error but you are not able to do much to troubleshoot it then contact the expert’s teams via Dropbox support number toll-free to get the best support without any delay as we are available 24X7 for the service of the users.