How to fix Error Code 30 “Printer not Activated” in Dell?


Dell is one of the printers which have provided the best to the technology sector through its various featured printers which are known best.  But many users are not able to print properly when they do not activate their printer properly and hence face errors. One of such common error is the error code 30 “printer not activated” which users frequently face when they try to attach some files but they are unable to do so as they require to save the document on Adobe as a PDF file.  This can also occur when the users have not used their device for a long time and they are not able to use their device majorly on Windows 7, VISTA, 10 and XP. These errors are caused by the user’s carelessness sometimes.  And other reasons also include that users have by chance enabled the UAC (User Account Control), there is an incompatible email program, some corrupted customized forms, you are trying to use SAGE 50 as your printer. There are some incorrect settings in your device and you have not installed the Microsoft updates which are needed to function smoothly or there is a problem with the driver and the window profile is damaged. So due to the above reasons if you are also facing a similar problem with your device then you should take Dell Printer Technical Support from the qualified experts if you are not able to troubleshoot them. Otherwise, you can also follow the steps provided by our experts to solve the error.  so, just in case, if you need any kind of further assistance then in that condition you may also read Resolve spooler issue in window 8 from Dell support number

Steps to solve Error code 30 “printer not activated” message

Step 1: The first step which users have to do is they have to give the “UAC” full control of the program.

Step 2: If you haven’t given the full control to the administrator then this error can occur.

Step 3: To give the account full control of the program, go the “properties” option by right-clicking the “programs” tab. Then go to the “security” option and then select your account and hit on “edit” icon.  Now you have to click on the account and click on “apply” then click on “ok”.

Step 4: If this does not work then you have to update the Printer drivers of your device properly.

Step 5: If this does not help then you have to update the window system.

Step 6: Go to the search bar through start” button and click on “check for updates” option. If there is an update available it will show there and you just have to click on the update and then the system will restart automatically.

Step 7: Repair the damaged customized form by printing the document using a standard form.

Step 8: If all does not work then you have to reset your printer at last and if you need help with resetting call experts at Resolve spooler issue in window 8.

Dial Dell printer support number toll-free for instant support

If you need help to troubleshoot the error then you should call us at Dell printer support number toll-free for immediate help!