How to fix Gmail “Bad Request error 400” in Google Chrome?

Bad Request error 400

Gmail has carved a niche in providing the best services to its users. The largest population of the world is currently using Gmail as an email application to communicate. It has brought the world a little closer; and the perks of having the account? We all know that one! It provides its services to its users moreover you can access the cloud storage, drive storage, sharing files online, and every other important has been possible due to its services. Certain times users get the errors and issues which can be easily dealt with. But the recent error which is “Bad Request error 400” in Google chrome is been for 1 year and no solution has been released for the error. Although there are several possible solutions which are temporary no permanent solutions are there for the error.  Also, the officials do not know why this error occurs but the most probable reason for this error can be that customers have signed into their multiple Gmail account or they are accessing multiple accounts in the Google Chrome. Some users move to another browser when they encounter this error but it also works temporarily. So if you also found yourself in the similar situation, where you are not able to troubleshoot the error then contact the experts to get Gmail support from the skilled technicians and if you want to deal with it by yourself then follow the steps provided below. Just in case, if you are encountering similar issues then in that situation you may also read How to fix Error code 007 in your Gmail?

Steps to resolve Gmail “Bad Request error 400” in Google Chrome 

Step 1: This error generally occurs due to the “gmail_imp” files which are stored in the cookies which creates issues.

Step 2: So we have to delete those files and other cookies which are stored in our browser.

Step 3: To delete the “gmail_imp” files you are required to right-click on your screen.

Step 4: After that choose “inspect element” and select “resources” tab which will be at the top of the developer tools window.

Step 5: Now, on the left side of the screen click on “cookies” arrow and expand the section.

Step 6: You have to now click on the “” cookies.

Step 7: Right- click on the “gmail_imp” files and then choose the option “delete”.

Step 8: Close the developer window and refresh the page.

Step 9: To delete all the cookies connected with your browser, you have to go the “settings” page of the Chrome.

Step 10: Then go to the option “show advanced settings”.

Step 11: Go to the “privacy” section and then select “Content settings”.

Step 12: After that, go to “cookies” section and open all the files of the cookies.

Step 13: Delete all the cookies related to the application and refresh the page.

Step 14: After this, you will be logged out of every account and if you need Gmail support to access them again then contact experts.

Take Gmail customer support from the skilled experts

If you are still not able to solve this error then contact the experts via Gmail customer support toll-free number to get the best guidance from technicians.