How to Fix Google “HTTP 404 (Page Not Found) error”?

Google 404 error Message,Google 404 error

Error messages are common to occur and users should not get worried about the common issues which they face. Also, if we talk about the common error which Google shows i.e. is “HTTP 404 (Page Not Found) error” then it means that the website you were trying to reach or connect cannot be found on the server. This is a typical issue which is found in browsers and these messages are customized by websites like how it can be displayed on the screen.

Sometimes the issue is shown as “Google 404 error Message”, “404 error”, “404 pages not found” etc. Don’t worry as you have done nothing in this and it is common to occur. If you are having a problem while accessing any website and you, again and again, get this issue and you are not able to troubleshoot it then you should visit our website and get proper steps that would help you in the process of solving 404 Error Google Chrome.

Causes of the Google 404 Error Message

  1. It represents that there is something wrong with the client-side.
  2. You have typed wrong or incorrect URL of any website.
  3. Maybe the page has been removed by the website holder.
  4. It is also possible that the website holder has redirected the site but you do not know the new address and the browser gives you Google 404 error message.

Steps to fix Google “HTTP 404 (Page Not Found) Error”

Step 1: At first, simply refresh your computer and then again try to reach the website and make sure that you are typing the incorrect URL.

Step 2: If refreshing the computer does not help then, refresh the page, it is also possible that due to internet connectivity you are not able to reach the site.

Step 3: Also check the URL that you have not typed the upper case letters where it should have been in a lower case or your caps lock key is enabled.

Step 4: Otherwise try to move up one directory level to find something related to your site which you want to access. For example: from to to

 Step 5: Clearing your browser’s cache memory and cookies might help. So go to “menu” the three dots at the top right side of your screen and then select “advanced settings” and clear cache and cookies stored.

Step 6: You can change the DNS settings of your server and see if that works.

So, these are some of the steps that would help you in the process of solving the Google 404 Error Message. In case, you need some other help that would help you in the process of solving the errors related to Google then you may visit our website and surf through the blogs provided on our website.