How to Fix HP Printer Error Codes 52.X And 54.1 in Laserjet Printers?

HP Printer Error Codes 52.X And 54.1

HP printers have provided the best range of products to get the best quality of print and now you can also print in 3D. Due to the technological revolution which the company has provided through its latest features and characteristics and users have enjoyed the services of the company and it has also made brand value by providing the best class services to its customers. But various times users face issues in their printers due to various technical reasons. One such error is HP Printer Error Codes 52.X and 54.1 in Laserjet printers which customers face which are due to the incorrect laser scanner speed and some sealing tape issues. These are beyond the control of the users. So users do not take tension as this can happen in any printer and this is a common problem which can be easily solved. So if you are also stuck in these issues and you are not able to solve your problems then you should get in touch with the experts through HP printer support number toll-free otherwise you can also follow the below-mentioned steps to troubleshoot the problem manually.

Steps to fix HP Printer Error Codes 52.X And 54.1 in Laserjet printers

Step 1: If you also face this error with your printer then you are required to press the “Go” button.

Step 2: When you do this, you will see a page containing all the error messages will appear.

Step 3: You now have to turn the printer off and then turn it on again.

Step 4: When the device is turned on you need to reset all the cable wires which are connecting the device to the laser and scanner as well as the engine controller.

Step 5: After that, you have to reset the laser or scanner now.

Step 6: If the users have not removed the sealing tape of the toner cartridge then also you can see this error.

Step 7: To remove the tape, you have to open the top cover of the printer and then remove the toner cartridge.

Step 8: Then you have to pull the sealing tape tab up in order to remove the strip,

Step 9: Now install the toner cartridge once again and then close the top cover and try to print again. If you are not able to remove the strip of the sealing tape then you can get assistance from the experts.

Take HP printer support from the qualified experts to solve all your technical issues

If you still encounter this problem and you are not able to solve even after following the steps then you can get in touch with the experts through HP printer support number toll-free to get the support without any delay as our experts are available 24X7 for the service of the users and they will deal with the root of the cause of the issue.