How To Fix “Memory Error: Not Enough Space For Map Update” In Garmin Nuvi?

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No matter what others say but Garmin GPS devices have truly made our voyage much easier. To travel to new destinations with your family or going on business trips customers indeed need to update their routes and maps so that they can travel freely without any problem or without asking the directions from the locals. To travel effortlessly you have to update the routes and maps on your device so that you can get the accurate map detail, directions and traffic details.

The space issue always comes up when the user tries to update the routes or perform an update in the software. It is because every Garmin device comes with the limited space and you either have to insert a memory card to expand its memory or delete some files. But what if you encounter memory issues while you try to update anything on your gadget?

Then you have to free up space on your gadget by deleting some files which are taking the limited space in your device.  To free some space you can delete MP3 files which you no longer use, old and outdated map versions and routes which you do not use, optional voices and vehicles avatars so that you can have enough space. But if you are unable to do so then you can get in touch with the Garmin technical support team to get the best support. Otherwise, you can also follow the steps to manually solve this error. Read More: Update Garmin Drive 51/5S/61

Steps to fix “Memory error: Not enough space for Map Update” in Garmin Nuvi

Step 1: You first have to connect your Garmin GPS gadget to your computer via USB cable.  

Step 2: Then you have to click on “windows start” and select “computer icon” on your system.

Step 3: Customers have to double-click on the drive which is labeled as “Garmin Nuvi”. After that, a list will appear consisting of all your downloaded files and data which are stored on your GPS gadget.  

Step 4: Select the files which contain old map versions and the voices and vehicle avatars which you no longer use and right-click on the file which you want to delete and then click choose the option of “delete”.

Step 5: Also make sure you do not delete the files containing languages which you are currently using on your device and you can safely delete the JPEG files, MP3 music downloads, and voices.  

Step 6: After you have deleted the files, go to the “recycle bin” and delete all the files from there as well before you disconnect your gadget from the computer.

Step 7: Now try to update the maps on your device and if you still require Garmin customer support from experts then you can reach us anytime.

Dial Garmin support number to solve your technical errors

If you still face this error and you are not able to tackle it then contact the experts via Garmin support number toll-free to solve your issues.