How to Fix Yahoo “HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error)”?

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There are many instances where users get stuck and are not able to get out of the technical issue which they face. One of such error is the Yahoo HTTP Error 500 (internal server error) where they are not able to access their Yahoo account and are not able to attach the files. Plus, this issue indicates the server error and your computer has nothing to do with it and the website of mail has encountered some issue or due to maintenance it is down for a while. And the error which is displayed on the screen is “HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request”. Do not worry about this issue, as it will be troubleshot. Navigate to some other websites and try to access your Yahoo account in a while. It will solve the blunder and if the issue is still not troubleshot then you can only perform some troubleshooting steps which might solve the problem as it is a server issue and your computer has nothing to do with it. But for precaution, take some cautionary steps so that your mail does not have any error such as error-code-40402 in Yahoo messenger. If you want technical help from the experts then you can take Yahoo customer support from the qualified technicians otherwise follow some steps to make sure that from your end there is no problem.

Causes of the error        

  • There are corrupted and infected window registries.
  • Partial installation of the application.
  • The presence of some virus or malicious code.
  • You have deleted the setup file of some program which is why you are having an issue.

Symptoms of the error

  • You are not able to access your Yahoo account.
  • When you try to access your account the browser shows some internal server issue.
  • The browser has blocked the Yahoo site due to some suspicious activity.
  • Spamming of emails.

Steps to fix Yahoo “HTTP Error 500 (internal server error)

Step 1: You first have to reboot your system as well as your email account.

Step 2: After that, you have to repair the window registries which are related to the issue displayed.

Step 3: To do so, you have to perform a virus scan on your PC so that you can fix the corrupted and infected files.

Step 4: Delete all the temporary files which exist on your system and clear the cache memory of your browser and the cookies.

Step 5: You have to make sure that the drivers of your system and the operating system is up to date.

Step 6: If this does not help then uninstall and reinstall the Yahoo messenger in your system.

Call to experts via Yahoo support number toll-free for help.

If you are facing errors even after following the troubleshooting steps then call to experts via Yahoo support number toll-free as we are available 24X7 for the service of the users.