How To Get The Free And Paid Update For Magellan GPS?

Magellan Support

Imagine those times when there were no GPS devices! How people used to travel and ask directions from the unknowns and many times they get lost and do not know the directions and routes of their destination. To avoid such unfortunate circumstances, Magellan has revolutionized the way we travel to new destinations.

So it’s important that we time to time update the gadgets so that we get proper routes and directions for the destinations. The company also releases regular updates so that the gadget works smoothly without interrupted by any kind of bug. You can get minor updates for free from the official website but most of its map updates and software updates have to be purchased.

So if you are not able to update your device and you need technical support then you can contact Magellan GPS update team to get the best support and to update your product without getting any technical issue. Otherwise, you can also follow the steps which are provided below to troubleshoot this problem and to get the latest version so that you can travel smoothly and comfortably.

Steps to get the free and paid update for Magellan GPS Unit

  • First of all, make sure that your GPS device is fully charged.
  • You now have to download “content manager” on your computer by browsing through the official website of Magellan.  
  • Make sure that you are not using multiple application on the computer in which you have installed “content manager”.
  • Then open “content manager” and then log-in into the official account using the correct credentials and if you do not have n account then you can create one by going on the official website.  
  • You now have to connect your GPS device with the computer via USB cable.
  • After you connect the unit, it automatically will be turned on.
  • Right click on “content manager” which is in your system tray in Windows.
  • And then you re required to click on “check for updates now”. If the wizard shows that there is update available click on “download” after the notification pop-up on your screen.
  • Click on “get now” and the updates will be downloaded and when the procedure completes the device will be turned on automatically.
  • To get the updates which are paid, go to the website of the navigation gadget and in the “main page” select “maps” tab and then you have to select the model of your device, select the map update which you need and then proceed for payment.
  • Now open the “content manager” and connect your device to a computer and after that, you have to right-click on “content manager” and select “Sync Purchase Features / Content” and wait for the update to complete.  
  • If you still do not get Magellan Map update then reach to the technicians.

Having problems while updating the GPS then reach to Magellan GPS update team

If you are still having difficulty while downloading the updates then call to Magellan GPS update team via a toll-free number.