How to Solve an Issue When my HP laptop Freezes from HP Support Number?

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There are several issues faced by the customers while using any electronic appliances. Apart from all the issues in a case, there are many reasons behind freezing up or locking up of a system. Your system might not react when you try to enter or use the mouse, nothing moves on the display or mouse pointer displays a comprehensive busy status. Overheating inside the system, outdated applications and can cause a system to lock up. And if you are searching help for this reason, then you can reach us via Hp support number. In the same manner, if you need any kind of further advice then in that situation you may also read Resolve to troubleshoot hp system recovery in windows 10 from HP support number Expert’s Advice Via hp Technical Support Number.

Some flawless steps to solve an issue when my Hp laptop freezes:

  • First of all, you just need to do disconnect the laptop from the wires or wired network, if connected.
  • After that, open the Task Manager, press the CTRL + SHIFT + Esc keys on your keyboard and
  • Then, choose any open applications on the Apps tab that shows a not Responding Status and then click on the End Task button.
  • If you can use the computer, try to restart any app that you closed. If the issue still persists, reconnect your system to the network.
  • And then check the application developer’s site for any issues and install new versions that address lockup problems.
  • If the problems continue or all applications are responding then continue with the next steps.
  • after that, click the Processes tab in Task Manager, choose Show Processes from all users and then end any processes that meet the following criteria:
  • In the end, in the CPU column any image names with a value of 99 not adding the System Idle Process.
  • Finally, in the Memory column any image names with numbers that continue to increase for 10 seconds or more.
  • Follow this process you may be getting rid of with your hurdles related to Hp laptop freezes.

Thus, if users are still not able to resolve with these specified steps, in that case, you can freely connect us via Hp support number where you will get instant support from our experts.

Trouble-free solutions by Hp technical support number

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