Resolve Spooler Issue in Window 8 from Dell Support Number

A printer is a non-essential device which converts the text or graphics (soft-copy) surrounded by your computer into a human-readable representation (hard copy) on paper. Nowadays the demand for such printing machines is on scramble, and these are being used at almost all places such as schools (for printing results or other records of students), offices (for providing hard copies of any data), banks (for printing Passbooks), hospitals (to print the test reports of the patients), government firms, etc. Dell is a brand that manufacturers, sell, repair and support various type of technical devices including Printers in addition. Dell printers are obtainable in different types such as All-In-One, Laser, Inkjet, and others. All of these printing machines are broadly used and esteemed for their high-quality printouts, and speedy performance.

It is very irritating when you stick with your Dell Printer because of its spooler related issues. It badly hampers the effectiveness, especially when you are dealing with your business or working in a busy office environment. In the same way, if you are still stuck in that type of condition and unable to how to resolve spooler issue in window 8, in that condition, you may connect with us via Dell Support Number where you will get an easy way to resolve this issue.

Follow these simple steps to resolve the spooler issue in window 8:

                Firstly, you just need to click & hold the Windows key, then press the Q key on the keyboard.

                Now reaching to the search box, type ‘troubleshooting’ there followed by clicking on Troubleshooting.

                After that click on Use a printer, under Hardware and Sound.

                Then click “Advanced” option that is given at the top side of the taskbar.

                In the end, click on ‘Run as administrator’ and if asked then, input your credentials or cancel if you do not know them.

                Click on ‘Next’ button and follow the given on-screen instructions without any delay.

                And finally, you will be able to resolve every spooler issues problem.

In the same way, if you are jammed with any of the issue related to the printer and if you still feel jammed related to given mention steps, then you may call directly us via Dell Support Number.

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